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Do they or do they not like to update the app?

The menu on the app is not the same as it is in the restaurant anymore and they didnt change it.

No Aloha!

Coupons not valid in Hawaii or Alaska. Why ask for our zip codes if you cant customize the offers based on location like you say?

Great App!

Just used the coupons with ease, the clerk needed a bit more training but was finally able to use them.

Update restaurant location info

You have to be standing in a BK location to use this coupon. There is a Burger King near my house that has been open for nearly a year and the app doesnt list or recognize it as a location. So you can use the coupons there. Can I use the coupons I get in the mail there? Yes. Then I should be able to use the app coupons.

Whats the point

Whats the point of offering deals then finding out none of the local stores accept the deals on the app. The app, stores, and food are subpar.

App doesnt connect to internet

I have tried to use this app its three different Burger King drive-through and I never seem to be able to connect to the Internet. I think its a conspiracy. I think Ill keep clipping coupons from the Sunday paper.

Bad on the nutrition facts!

It needs to be more like the McDonalds app! I like to know the percentage of everything in my meals! If I dont know the percentage, I could be over-consuming something bad for me! Cant you remedy this lack of details?

Works good

Its pretty much the exact same deals all the time, and you need to check any specials bk has going on because they might be cheaper. But its a handy thing to have for sure.


Why does this app need to know where I am every minute of every day? Why isnt it an option to know my location only when I use the app? Why must location services be on ALL THE TIME to get a discount? Why not just delete it now? Oh, I can answer the last one! Goodbye.

A waste of time.

I downloaded this and was asked for my zip code so that they could show me deals available where I am. Instead it showed a list of 13 deals that all stated they werent valid in Alaska and Hawaii. So it was a big waste of time. Why cant they either show ones valid for my state or state that there are none rather than making me have to read a whole list that I cant use? They need to fire whoever made that decision and fix it!

Great when it works

I like that I dont have to carry my print coupons all the time esp when I decide to go to BK spontaneously. However, the last handful of times Ive been to BK, it says Im not at a BK location when Im literally standing inside the store. Then Im treated to employees giving me an attitude because Im wasting their time while I try to figure out how to make your app work.


All coupon offers are not valid in Hawaii. The coupon picture shown in AppStore is click bait.

BK Employee

Just to let you know before you get this app me as a current BK employee will tell you right now there is A LOT on this app that we no longer have so please take this in mind before downloading. Youre welcome

Unexpected error signing up

App will not allow sign up process to complete.

Slightly disappointed

Ive stood by Burger King for as long as I can remember. As I grew, Burger King grew with me. From the whopper junior to the regular sized whopper. Ive been using the Burger King coupons that I get in the mail for as long as I can remember. Recently I wanted two whoppers, but did not have any coupons with me. I was thrilled to find that Burger King had an app and was honestly a little disappointed in myself for not having downloaded it sooner. The thrill quickly dwindled as I discovered all the coupons could not be used at every location. Now I have to break it to my mom that we had to pay full price for each whopper at dinner tonight.


First off, I have no clue what my mobile app # is to send feedback within the app. Secondly, Please add deals for Hawaii! I live on Big Island and think it is VERY unfair not to include HI & AK!!

Dont Waste Your Time

Downloaded the app and I cant even register. Ive tried reinstalling but get the same server conflict error. Not wasting anymore of my time.


This app is garbage login with Facebook after previously being signed up with it and it sends me to sign up and then says email in use. You think ?? App doesnt work useless


Error registering account. You can never use this app again


Zero it asks me for my zip code opens the app shows the coupons and then they dont work in my area ? a warning would be nice before I go out and look like an idiot ??????

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